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DEMO SHowcase

PROGRAMMING is everywhere and for everyone

DEMO PROJECT 1- A Simple HTML webpage

HTML is a word heard everywhere these days. But what exactly is HTML?

HTML or HYPER TEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE describes the structure of the webpage, or simply put it is the skeleton of the webpage.

The Demo below is an example of an HTML ONLY webpage.

Doesn’t it look boring?

The Demo website has all the HTML elements required to make a webpage.
Yet it looks nothing like the beautiful websites we are used to browsing.

Such as Youtube, Facebook, and Netflix

speaking of Netflix !


Doesn’t the second project look more like a website we are used to browsing?

The Second Demo was built using HTML and CSS.

We already know a bit about HTML but what is CSS? 
CSS or Cascading style sheets describe how HTML elements should look. 
We can choose to wear formal clothes or casual clothes depending on the occasion.

In the same way, a website can be designed however you wish. All that is required is your creativity.

That was a lot of Information!

Let’s take a break.
We have built a game, why don’t you try it out.


  1. Move the mouse above the text “Press SPACEBAR to start” and Right-Click
  2. Press the SPACEBAR button
  3. Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to move the paddle
  4. Press the Rerun button on the bottom right of the emulator once you are done playing

See the Pen JS-Demo-Game by Ankit (@AnkitPathshalaCoding) on CodePen.

We hope you enjoyed the break.

The game was built using Javascript.
Javascript is the programming language of the internet.
Javascript is mainly used to validate, calculate, and manipulate data.

Through Javascript interacting with websites becomes an immersive experience. 

Programming is difficult and boring

Programming is everywhere and for everyone.
Things which our grandparents wouldn’t have considered possible are a part of our everyday lives.

Technology shapes the world and its only limit is our imagination.

Our mission  is simple
It is to give learners a platform for their creativity and imagination to shine.

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