• MDN (Mozilla) JavaScript Reference is a manual with examples and other information. It’s great to get in-depth information about individual language functions, methods etc.
    One can find it at https://developer.mozilla.
    Although, it’s often best to use an internet search instead. Just use “MDN [term]” in the query, e.g. to search for parseInt function.
  • MSDN – Microsoft manual with a lot of information, including JavaScript (often referred to as JScript). If one needs something specific to Internet Explorer, better go there:
    Also, we can use an internet search with phrases such as “RegExp MSDN” or “RegExp MSDN jscript”.


The ECMA-262 specification contains the most in-depth, detailed and formalized information about JavaScript. It defines the language.

But being that formalized, it’s difficult to understand at first. So if you need the most trustworthy source of information about the language details, the specification is the right place. But it’s not for everyday use.

A new specification version is released every year. In-between these releases, the latest specification draft is at

To read about new bleeding-edge features, including those that are “almost standard” (so-called “stage 3”), see proposals at

Also, if you’re in developing for the browser, then there are other specs covered in the second part of the tutorial.